the pinhole parcel project is an exploration of the journey of a parcel.

by posting a pinhole camera, every trace of light the camera encounters during its journey is recorded on the photographic negative, creating highly unpredictable, abstract imagery. parcels have been posted from as far and wide as norway and australia, with each image returning remarkably different to the last. indeed, not all the cameras we posted have returned. In one incident a parcel was destroyed due to concern over its contents, such is the climate post-911. every parcel and its image reveals its own story.

in november 2005, images from the first 18 months of the project were exhibited at euroart studios, tottenham, london. a selection of these can be viewed on the website, with more images, both new and old to follow in the coming months. remember to check back soon!

pinhole parcel project
a collaboration between mike thompson & jamie house
2005 - present

e: info@pinholeparcelproject.com